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Investing in the Future of Rural Arizona
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Own a piece of the American Southwest!

Balakai Mesa
"Wild Horses at Balakai Mesa", in Apache County, Arizona,  where they still run wild!
26" X 72" oil on masonite, by self-taught Navajo, Randlett "Randy" Keedah, Sr., of Tucson, AZ.
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"It's hard to make a comeback if you haven't been anywhere."

Let the wind blow thru your hair.  Wriggle your toes in the dirt.  Smell the juniper.  Hear the silence.  Your wind, your dirt, your juniper, and your silence.  Yes, it's all still available in rural Arizona, and at affordable prices.   Play where the antelope still play.  Hear the coyotes at night.  See the stars like you've never seen them before.  Watch the moon rise over a mesa.  See deer and antelope at dusk, or maybe an elk.  Walk in their trails.  Walk with nature.  Pick up a rock.  Your rock.  It may be volcanic, it may be petrified wood, it could be agate, or even colorful jasper.  But, no need to take it.    You can take it if you want - it's your rock.  But it's already on your property, so where will you take it to?

Where is all this happening?   In a place that was populated by Ancestral Puebloan Indians for several thousand years. Their petroglyphs and kiva ruins are scattered among the scented juniper and sagebrush mesas.  In Navajo and Apache County, Arizona.  Why are they called "Navajo" and "Apache" Counties?  Think maybe ths is the place where the Navajo and Apache people hunted, lived, played, fought, fished, and lived for centuries?  Yes, this just may be the reason.  In fact, look close - the next person you meet here may very well be a Navajo or Apache - and they may be driving a newer pickup than you are.  Talking on their cell phones, planning their next trip to a casino, or where to meet for dinner, or hunting a lost cow.  You never know.

This is Open Range Country, for the most part.  This was a place of huge ranches with tall grass.  Home of the genuine cowboys and Indians.  Now, many of the huge ranches have been divided up into smaller parcels.  Parcels of managable size, that the average person can afford to own, live on, and enjoy the outdoor life.  You may not be able to run hundreds of cows on these parcels, but most of us are not cut out to be ranchers or cowboys, except in a small way.  Most of us don't have time, energy, or money to operate a huge ranch.  Most of us don't want to do that, anyway.   But, we do want to live on our own land, or enjoy it for the weekend.  A place to hide out from traffic, smog, malls, bosses, sirens, even phones if we choose.  A place to excape from the summer valley heat of a Phoenix or a Tucson.  Or the traffic of a Los Angeles or a Las Vegas.  The elevation here is well over a mile high.  This calls for cool summers yet mild winters.  

Arizona is known for its wide open spaces but prime real estate is a precious commodity.  Only 17% of the land in Arizona is privately owned, with the Federal Government, State Government, various City Governments, and Indian Reservations, owning the vast majority of the land.  Well, here's your chance to get in on the action.

We have some of these parcels available in sizes from two or three acres up to 40+ acres.  Plenty of room to relax, hear, taste, and smell nature.  Sure, with a small down payment, we will carry the balance if we believe you are serious, and can pay the note.  We don't use mortgage companies, no long wait for "approvals", and no rigorous credit forms.   Browse thru some of the next few pages and see if you find your place on the planet!  Then, let's walk the property and see what you think of it.

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Poco Grande Investments, Inc.
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Corrales, NM 87048

To see these properties, or to get more information, contact our realtor,
Century 21,  in Snowflake, AZ,  cell phone at 928 243 0387 and ask for Barbara.


"11.0 Acres 25 Miles NE of Snowflake, AZ"
"37.01 Acres, 25 Miles NE of Snowflake, AZ"
"37.75 Acres, 22 Miles NE of Snowflake, AZ"
"19.35 Acres, 8 Miles NE of Snowflake, AZ"
"2.45 Acres in the town of Taylor, AZ"
"19.61 Acres 22 Miles NE of Snowflake, AZ"
"27.86 Acres, 16 Miles NE of Snowflake, AZ"
"11.0 Acres 25 Miles NE of Snowflake, AZ"
"18.59 Acres, 22 Miles NE of Snowflake, AZ"
"18.70 Acres, 22 Miles NE of Snowflake, AZ"
"2.89 Acres in the town of Taylor, AZ"
"14 Acres on Concho Hwy, E of Snowflake, AZ"
"Approx. 37.81 Acres, on Hunt Hwy, W/Well"
"Approx 5.00 Acres 8 Miles W of Snowflake, AZ"
"Approx 7.5 Acres 8 Miles W of Snowflake, AZ"
"15.81 Acres On Hunt Road, Near Highway 180/180A"
"18.88 Acres, Concho Highway & Blue Diamond"
"36.43 Acres 1 Mile West of Concho Valley"
"22 Acres approx, Hunt Hwy & 180"
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